The Path of Mary — Conclusion

mary potter statue

I have now indicated to you some of the beauties of the Path of Mary. I have striven to induce you to enter therein; but remember I have but shown you in a brief way, its beauties. Even though whole volumes were written about this devotion to Mary, still the subject would not be exhausted. This Path of Mary is indeed a path. It is not an open plain from which all the beauties of the surrounding landscape can be seen, but it is rightly called a path, and one that is constantly disclosing fresh grandeurs, hidden splendours, that delight and surprise the traveller. I, who write this, and have for years been walking this path, did not see last year what I saw this time, and if another year finds me still walking within it—which God grant I will be—I shall have discovered beauties in it I do not see now.

Of this you may be sure: if you walk faithfully in this path, you will not look back with regret upon the past. You will prefer the present. You may hardly know why, but it shall be so. Year after year will go by, and if you are persevering in this sweet way of Mary, each year will be to you happier than the last. Though you may have passed through great trials and sufferings, you will still be more satisfied with your present state. You will enjoy a holy liberty, and carry a wonderfully light heart, which it is the effect of this holy liberty to produce.

A devout servant of God, who, from the age of seven had walked in this path, was given a vision, in which St. Cecilia spoke to her of the happiness of these favoured ones of Mary, and gave but one reason for it, and that was that they enjoyed ‘true liberty’. It is indeed a great gift, almost a return to the happiness we should have enjoyed in a state of innocence, to the liberty we should have possessed if the slavery of sin had never entered into the world.

Mary’s Own, who have advanced in this devotion to her, are delivered from a certain kind of restraint which may be observed in good people. The farther they advance in this path, the more fully do they possess this gift of holy liberty, and all the other gifts I have enumerated, and they, feeling this, would no more think longingly of some past time of their lives than
a traveller who was hastening to his home, would look back to the earlier stages of his journey and wish to start them again, rather than rejoice that he had advanced so far to his desired end.

Shall I repeat here, the old familiar saying, that we should all be as travellers hastening home? We should all be looking to this one end, this one thing to be desired above all things—heaven, our home in God, where we shall live within the arms of God and lie upon His breast.

This is what we should desire. It is according to the order of God that all things seek their ultimate end. We should desire heaven, as the glorious saints desire that we should be partakers in their happiness. We should wish for heaven as Mary wishes that we should possess it with her.

No earthly Mother could be so eager for her children’s good as is Mary. I am reminded of the account you may have heard, of a mother whose little child had toddled off from her side to the brink of a cliff. The mother, in terror, sees the danger of her child, and by a wonderful instinct, bares her breast, and the little one, running towards it is saved. Such it seems to me, is Mary’s conduct with us, her children. She sees us in the midst of dangers we are not aware of ourselves, and opening her breast, points to the dear Mother Heart beating with love for us, and calls us to it as a port of safety, that we may be sheltered from the unknown dangers by which we are surrounded.

Happy then are those who put themselves entirely into her hands! Great is the joy they give the adorable Heart of Jesus, that tender Heart that beat in anguish in the Garden of Olives, where Jesus watched the future career of His children, and, trembling and fearful, saw their danger. Ah, be sure of this, you who are Mary’s own. In that dreadful moment, Jesus saw you and was comforted by the sight. The vision of you, favoured ones, was with Him through the whole of His Passion, giving Him joy in the midst of the sorrow that was crushing His Soul even unto death.

Again then, you should desire heaven to give Jesus that joy, that now unbounded joy, by which He rejoices in the possession of those whom He purshased by the opening of His Sacred Heart, and the shedding of His precious Blood. Again you should desire and yearn to possess heaven, since God Himself desires you should thus desire it.
God thirsts to be thirsted for.

Enter then into the way of salvation, the Path of Mary, that you may possess the end for which you were
created — God!

Daily Act of Consecration of Mary’s Own