Letter to The Children of Mary

Queen of the Rosary
Dear Children of Mary:

You will see through the few little works I have written something of that kind of interior life at which we who are in the convent are aiming. You will then strive to attain this interior spirit. You will strive to begin your novitiate in the world, keeping in the company of our Blessed Lady, who will be very near you, and assist you in wonderful ways; she will be your Novice Mother; she will herself train more particularly those who entirely trust and rely upon her.Mary Queen of the Rosary

You can yourselves practise the religious virtues to a certain degree: you can endeavour to acquire a spirit of poverty and obedience; you can practise chastity; you can daily thank God for giving you the grace to understand and value the holy virtue of chastity so loved by your Mother, and preferred by her, indeed, to the grand dignity and happiness of being Mother of God. Many of her children, canonized by the Church, who, in the midst of a sinful world, were pure and chaste, shining as bright stars in a dark world. Glorious stars in the Catholic Heaven, such as Saints Catherine, Cecilia, Agnes, and numberless others.

So do not think, dear children of Mary, that you cannot be saints in the world as well as in the cloister; don’t think you cannot be as much her very own as those of her little company; don’t think that you cannot be spouses of Jesus, even though you may never be able to become nuns. We can be united with Jesus on the cross everywhere, and union of heart with Jesus makes us his spouses; the love and practice of poverty and suffering unite us to Him really. True union with Him, indeed, is conforming our hearts to His, without which the exterior resemblances would be superficial; and the three vows we make as we are consecrated spouses of Jesus would not make us so if these were not enforced interiorly as well as exteriorly.

I hope, in course of time, to bring out a little work, “Mary’s Conferences to Her Loving Children,” which may be a help to you in the world, who cannot hear the lectures etc., given in a religious house. Many of Mary’s Own, even those who are not aspiring to the religious state, may find these Conferences helpful to them in their spiritual and domestic lives, teaching them that true charity, which is the foundation of all holiness, so necessary in every state of life, and which the Mother of Charity, the Mother of fair love, so wishes to instill into her children. “Let every spirit praise the Lord.”

Mary Queen of the RosaryYes, there are many ways of serving God, many various states of life, many devotions, but they all run into one, in that all need love, all tend to love, and all can alone please God by love. If we choose one state over another, is it not that we may better love God? If we could love Him better in one state than another, should we not prefer the state in which we could love Him best? If one soul could love Him better in the married state, is it not better for that soul? And if we can love Him better by giving our hearts and bodies to Him alone, should we not pray for grace to choose that state?

We will all of us, who belong specially to Mary, be united in whatever state of life we may be. And we will all remember this important truth: it is not the state of life that will perfect us, but the perfect fulfilling the duties of that state, that will render us pleasing in the sight of God; so that if Mary’s child in the world more perfectly fulfils the duties of her state than Mary’s child in the convent, she will be more pleasing to Mary and her Divine Son, than his consecrated spouse who is not fulfilling the duties of her high calling. We, then, who are banded together to honour Mary will unite; though we may be in opposite parts of the world, though we may be in totally different states of life, we are all Mary’s own, priest or layman, nun or wife, she loves all, she wants all.

We all love her, we all want to please her; we will therefore pray according to our Mother’s heart; we will join the prayer of that dear Mother; we will pray according to Mary’s intentions; we will strive to be more fervent, that we may be better heard; we will strive to be unselfish, that we may be more like our Lady, and live to renew on earth, in whatever state of life we may be in, the sweet, simple, hidden humble life of Mary.

Persevere in Mary’s sweet way. Put yourself on one side. Let us be united in prayer; let us be united in Mary’s intentions; let us be united with one another. We have been spoken of as a spiritual society: we had hardly intended this; but God seems to have intended that the Little Company commenced at Hyson Green should be the centre of a far larger company, a united body, bound together to renew on earth Mary’s simple life of love, her humble hidden life. The world has its confraternities; they are bound together for certain objects, many of them very charitable ones. There is a certain bond between the members: they will all help one another in time of distress, and when abroard they are pleased to meet one another, even though strangers. Now, with Mary’s Own let this shine still more strongly. Let it be said of them as of the Christians of old, “See how these Christians love one another!”

Let there be a great bond of love between us all: for myself you can see how strong this feeling is, from the fact that all my little works are written for you in the world. I have as yet published nothing for those in the convent. My heart follows you in the world, praying for you, loving you, suffering for you, longing to hear you are persevering in Our Lady’s Path, advancing in it for the glory of Jesus, her honour, and your own good, your own happiness.

Many of you may have already begun to taste that peace, Mary’s peace, which cannot be spoken of. Some may have just begun this new life, not yet accustomed to it, not yet advanced enough to taste the unspeakable sweetness and joy that is awaiting them as they advance in it, that peace and happiness which Mary gives her most faithful followers as a reward, as a sign of love, and likewise as a preparation for great crosses.

Let us then, when walking in our Mother’s company, so closely that we almost feel her sweet presence, almost seem to see the loving eyes bent upon us, and almost touch her hand, when our hearts are burning within us, as the disciples’ when they walked with Jesus to Emmaus; then let us not forget that at times dark clouds will obscure the sunshine, rough winds, strong tempest rise up, even in Mary’s Path, and hinder our walk with Mary; but we must recollect that Mary is with us, though we know it not.

Jesus was with the disciples in the boat, apparently asleep when the storm so frightened them; but He was guarding and watching, though apparently so careless of the danger. Jesus was very near to the disciples while walking to Emmaus, and they felt not his presence immediately; they journeyed with him some distance, they recounted their grief, and then He spoke to them and comforted them. Let us be hopeful if at times we walk sorrowfully, wearily; if at times our hearts are sad. Mary is near; she will come and resolve our doubts, she will comfort our poor weak hearts, she will sustain us on our way, she will manifest herself to us, sweet Mother that she is, and then, when strengthened for our onward journey, seemingly perhaps leave us to ourselves again for awhile.

If any of you, dear sisters, are now suffering, if any have times of intense grief, take heart, lift up your eyes to heaven, for Jesus is smiling upon you, your patient endurance is dear, very dear to him, your life is beautiful in his sight. Commonplace may be the circumstances of your lives, and yet before God they shine with golden splendour.

.Mary Queen of the RosaryThere is not an action of the day which is spent in Mary’s company which is not pleasing to God; thoughts gradually grow heavenly, wills become firmly cemented to God’s Will; God is seen everywhere; the conversation of Mary’s Own is truly in heaven. It is well worth putting ourselves to some trouble to obtain the grand result that we are so dear to God, so pleasing in his sight, that He Himself tells us we are the apple of his eye. How He loves us: dear God, how He loves us! He has made but one Immaculate, one unspeakably lovely Virgin, Mary the Mother of his Son, but He would have her life renewed in her children. He would have virgins striving to imitate his spotless one as far as may be. He would have them empty of self, that his adorable self, his Spirit, may replenish them with grace, and enable them to form Jesus within them. Some of you look forward to being spouses of Jesus. Like St. Agnes, the child-spouse of Jesus, you have said that you can have no lover but Christ. God’s Spirit has begun this good work, and will perfect it if you are faithful.

One thing all Mary’s Own must be, and that is mothers. Yes, though virgins, we must be mothers. We must give a new life to our Lord within our souls; we must be mothers, in that by our prayers, sufferings, and works, we give life to numberless souls who, but for our efforts on their behalf, would never taste eternal life, but would instead be buried in the everlasting death of hell. Yes, God in his goodness has given us the means of becoming more like our Mother Mary than we could have been by simply embracing a life of virginity.

Mary is the type, exemplar, and model of God’s beautiful conception of Mother. A mother’s office is to give life, and Mary’s children, who by vow of virginity cannot be mothers of the natural life of the body, must be mothers by giving, through the Precious Blood of Jesus, supernatural life to souls. Yes, many are the children of the barren, rather than of her who has a husband.

How happy we are! how happy we are! we have priceless treasures at our disposal, Masses, Sacraments, Benedictions, for those who have time to attend the offices of the Church; and all can attend spiritually if they cannot be present bodily. There are the graces attached to our daily works when performed in conformity to the Will of God. And, indeed, our daily works are turned into gold when we perform them in the simple spirit of our Lady, that union with the Will of God which made her perform her humble duties so perfectly.

There is the constant lifting up of our hearts to God, which when it is filled with love, is
a constant prayer. There is that loving desire, that wish to do his holy will, without eagerness, but that peaceful desire to do in all things the will of God on earth, as the blessed do in heaven, which was the perfection of God’s Immaculate One on earth, who on earth was one of the blessed whom all nations were to call blessed, not because she was the Mother of God, but because she heard the word of God and kept it. “Blessed is the womb that bore thee, and the paps that gave thee suck,” cried a woman in the crowd to Jesus, and his heart bounded with joy as He heard his Mother’s praise, and He multiplied it when He answered, “Yea, rather blessed are they who hear the word of God and keep it.”

Mary kept all her Son’s words in her heart; she alone of all his creatures never forgot his Word; she alone perfectly fulfilled the will of her Creator. She lived one long life of love for God, and therefore, though the Queen of Martyrs, she was the happiest of all the beings whom God in his love has brought into existence. Next to the human soul of Jesus, Mary’s was the gladdest, and she will make ours so too if we deliver ourselves humbly and willingly into her hands, keeping nothing back, but saying once for all, and continuing to say, “I am thine, dear Mother, all thine.”

Then a moment will come when Jesus, stretching his dear stigmatized hands towards us, will say, “You are mine, beloved soul, all mine,” and he will draw us nearer, nearer to Himself, and we shall rest our weary heads on his sacred breast, and feel the beatings of that loving heart, and raising our eyes timidly to his face, see the eyes of Jesus, God and Man, bent upon us with that look of unutterable sweetness and love it were worth a long life of sorrow and self-denial to obtain. Let us now beg from our Mother the grand gift to persevere in her sweet way, by which we shall live noble lives on earth, and obtain that happiness in the next world which God has promised to those who have faithfully followed and loved Him in this.

We shall see our Mother there, we shall see one another; we shall love then as we have never loved here, and we shall know then what we cannot know here—how we are loved. Ah, it is a happy thought; it is a fresh joyous thought every day of our lives, we are loved, loved intensely, loved passionately by those whose love it should so delight us to think of.

.Mary Queen of the RosaryGlorious saints love us, holy angels, our own Mother Mary loves us with her burning heart of love. The God Man, Jesus, our Brother, Lord, our Love and our Life! His sacred Heart never ceases in heaven, or in the tabernacle on earth, its throbs with passionate love. The Blessed Trinity itself burns with love that God alone can possess, burns with inexplicable love for the little creatures created by Him for an endless eternity of love with Himself. We thank You, dear God, for the power You have given us of loving.
We would love more and more. We cannot see those whom You love; we will show our love to them. We will do for them what we would do for You, dear Jesus, if You were now visible on earth.

We will love all, dear Lord, we will wish well to all, and we will never allow ourselves any thought, word, or deed to the prejudice of any one, for we would not hurt You, Jesus, and You have put Yourself in the place of our neighbour to us. If we would wound him, we would wound You. This we will never do. We will live for You and Yours. We will die for You and Yours. This I may do, sweet Jesus, in whose poor heart You have lit a spark from your own, and who joys in the joy of your Sacred Heart in the possession of those simple unselfish souls devoted wholly to You, since devoted to Your Mother; devoted to You; they must have your devotion to her, and seek to be united to her as nearly as You were.

May the benediction of heaven rest upon them now and for ever. May the Eternal Father bless those, who, imitating the Son of His love, have made themselves Mary’s very own. May the Holy Spirit dwell ever in delighted possession of the hearts possessed by Mary. May the angels and saints proclaim them blessed together with their sweet Mother; and for ever, as the eternal ages roll on and on, may Mary’s happy ones chant their hymn of glad thanksgiving that the sweet way of Mary had been made known to them, and they had grace to choose the better part, the most perfect part, the path which Jesus and Mary desire that all should take in imitation of them.

Yes, Adam and Eve sinned and fell, and God repented He had made man; but, behold, the new creation of God, far exceeding the old. Behold Jesus! The God Man. Behold Mary! the Immaculate Virgin-Mother. Be like them, follow them, imitate them.

O God, heavenly Father, whose plenitude of riches for men is beyond our measure, open still more your bountiful Heart to us. Pour upon us more and more of Yourself, our own most merciful, generous God. You who so love to give, give; God give to us that we may give to You. Give to us.

.Mary Queen of the RosaryWe have given ourselves to Mary, your chosen one; we have given to her all that we have, or shall ever have, therefore give, and thus honour Her whom You delight to honour. Most loving God, we know you will give, but we know not how we shall receive and use Your gifts. Mother, daily and hourly we will renew our offering to you of all we receive, that God’s treasures may not be lost, but may increase and be fruitful as He so desires; and that God, looking upon the earth, made beautiful by faithful copies of Jesus and Mary, likenesses of his Incarnate Word, may again proclaim it good in His sight, and lavish more and more plentifully those choice graces He reserves for his most favoured souls.

Dear ones of Jesus and Mary, may you be of the number of those who, living in close union with God on earth, will be in still far, far closer union with Him for ever in the never-ending peace and bliss of heaven.

The daily prayer of the one who so loves you in our dear Mother’s heart, MARY.

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