Introduction To The Spiritual Teaching Of The Path Of Mary

“We live in perilous times. We are surrounded by dangers and temptations almost unparalleled in the history of the world. Throughout the church there is unusual distress of soul and body. You have wondered perhaps, when you have heard of the falling away from the Church of even the very good. Perhaps you have sorrowed over some sad instance, even in your own family or community, of some unhappy soul for whom the temptations of the age have proved too strong. Yes, we have wondered at it. But we are thoughtless and careless. We do not fear for others till we see them fall: we are not wise. Did not our dear Lord “fear” for us? We should be wiser if we did FEAR more and wonder less.”
— Venerable Mother Mary Potter

In preparing this text of the Path of Mary, what has been attempted is a synthesis of the work itself.
When Mary Potter first wrote the Path of Mary, it was itself a synthesis of Grignon de Montfort’s TRUE DEVOTION. What Mary Potter hoped to do with that small book, was to introduce people to the devotion —
in a sense to prepare them for it. Her work was not a substitute for de Montfort’s work, it was, if you like,
an aid. In preparing this work, much the same principle has been applied.

This small work is a synthesis of the Path of Mary. What has been left out of this edition, are sections which appeared to be distracting to the main ideas Mary Potter was trying to get across, or slabs of material that were direct extracts from de Montfort himself.

The purpose of this edition is to try and make the spiritual teaching that is contained in the Path of Mary available and accessible to all people. While no real attempt has been made to change the style of the language, sentences have been shortened. Omissions, as has been stated, have been made, in order that the kernel of the message may be, perhaps, more clearly understood. Here is a way of life to be lived. We are all invited to live it.

It is hoped that this booklet deliberately entitled “The Spiritual Teaching of the Path of Mary”, may lead others, particularly our affiliated and associates, into following the Path of Mary.

Elizabeth A. West, LCM
Little Company of Mary, Australia

The Little Company of Mary holds the copyright to both the original Path of Mary and The Spiritual Teaching of The Path of Mary. The Spiritual Teaching of The Path of Mary is published online by R. Paul Jacob.

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