Chapter Two: After The Example of Jesus

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St. Augustine writes that, in order to be made into the image of the Son of God, we are, in this world, hidden in the womb of the most holy Virgin, where we are guarded, nourished, brought up and made to grow by that good Mother, until she has brought us forth to glory after our death, which is properly the day of our birth. This is the devotion I am asking you to practise—namely to let yourself depend, as a child does upon its mother … to lean and rely upon Mary. In short, to live by her. Jesus, our head, put Himself wholly under her care, and lived by her, therefore, to follow Him perfectly, we, His members, should put ourselves entirely into her care, and should live by her after His example.

In this too, has Jesus given us an example. He bestowed His possessions of heaven and earth upon Mary. She is blessed above women, for she found favour in the sight of God and in return, God gave Himself to her. He had nothing greater to give than Himself. He had no higher title to bestow than Mother of God. If Mary were upon the earth now, and we could go and speak to her, she would tell us that, after the possession of Himself, God can give her nothing she more prizes than the possession of ourselves.

Ponder and meditate upon this, and you will see that you must be corresponding with the Will of God, who desires to honour Mary by the oblation of ourselves to her. God has made her Queen of heaven and earth. All that He has and is He gave to her. We are His, He has given us to her. I would have you remember that, though you can give Mary nothing more than the possession of yourself, to consecrate your body and soul to her, still you have something you may offer her after the example of Jesus.

You may offer her the goods you have at present, and the goods you may possess in the future, the goods not only of the body, but of the soul — your heavenly and your earthly possessions, which you see, must likewise be conformable to the will of God, who has made her Queen of heaven and earth.


Over the years, many holy people have discovered the wonders of this devotion, and, as I have said, it is not a new devotion. If it is not common, it is simply because it is too precious to be relished and practised by all the world. It is a devotion that is founded on the example of Jesus, on the obligations we have to Him, and on the vows we have made in Baptism. It is an ‘easy way’, upon which we can journey tranquilly and gently.

To one of Mary’s own who consecrated herself entirely to our Lady, and who was especially loved by her, our Lord disclosed the treasures of His Sacred Heart. This was St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. He showed her the pleasure He takes in our approaching Him with Mary’s dispositions, by instructing this holy nun that in her prayers she was to have the dispositions of our Lady when she presented herself in the Temple; that in receiving Holy Communion, she should have the dispositions of our Lady at the Annunciation, and in hearing Mass, she should be with Mary on Calvary.

How faithfully St. Margaret Mary kept her promises to our Lady, and how wonderfully was she united to her Lord. This typifies what I endeavour to show you through this little work. You cannot be united to Mary without being united to Jesus. And the more you are united to Mary, the closer will become your union with Jesus.There are many examples which should be sufficient to give you the security of the new step in life I ask you to take.

It is well to be prudent upon entering any new path in life, particularly one that I tell you before hand that you cannot understand until you have entered upon it. You have the opinion of the Church of the validity of this devotion, the example of many holy men and women who have followed it. What shall you do? You may complain that it is little practised and little known, but the same objections are given to other devotions. They are revealed in God’s time — the time when the Church has need of such devotion. When we are exposed to increased trials and temptations of all kinds, God gives us fresh help, fresh assistance in this increased devotion to His holy Mother. It is His will.

This devotion shall be found in the Path of Mary. Pressed close to the sweet maternal heart, we shall pursue our way onward amidst the dangers that surround us, calm, peaceful and happy. Oh that this devotion were known. You say it is not common. Would that it was! But the most precious gifts of God are not common. They are like the nature of God and are hidden until His servants, by the prayers He has Himself inspired, induce Him to reveal them.

Pray then. Earnestly, perseveringly. Prayer will remove the obstruction that prevents the Holy Spirit revealing to you the hidden beauty of this Path of Mary. It is not improbable that you feel a positive dislike on entering into it. I pray you, by the Heart of Jesus, which beat for the first time within the peaceful womb of Mary, do not deprive God of the glory you will give Him by refusing to imitate the Eternal Word in His submission to Mary.

Chapter Three: How to Enter Upon This Devotion