What is The Path of Mary?

My name is Paul Jacob. Twenty-five years ago, while driving my family up to San Francisco for the weekend, we passed by the tallest statue of Our Lady we’ve ever seen. The 32-foot-high statue of Our Lady of Peace rose on the foregrounds of Our Lady of Peace Church and Shrine, located right off Highway 101 in Santa Clara, a parish of the Diocese of San Jose.

Lady of Peace

In the church’s gift shop, I came upon two small books which I have treasured ever since: the first was The Divine Favors Granted to Saint Joseph by Pere Binet, and the second was The Path of Mary by Venerable Mary Potter.

Over the years, I’ve read the Saint Joseph book many times; The Path of Mary twice, but only the first chapter or two. Reading those two chapters was like standing at the door of a treasure vault.
I knew the treasures that lay inside, but I was deterred (repelled according to the Venerable mother) by the commitment it required.

Finally, 25 years later I read the entire small book
(if you consider an atom at the core of an atomic bomb small), then I read it again, and decided to publish it online because I had a gut feeling that, like me, thousands of men and women are in urgent need of spiritual rejuvenation and transformation, and that The Path of Mary is that mustard seed that can make the Light of Jesus The Christ to burst forth from within them and touch the world in
myriad ways.

To Find Your Life, You Must
Lose it First

What is The Path of Mary? It’s a small how-to book on how to become a spiritual warrior — an elite guard under the command of Mary The Mother of God. Venerable Mary Potter, the author of The Path of Mary, was so sure of the power of this Path to transform Christian souls, she described it as
a manual on how to become a saint. The book lays before you the path on which to regain your life magnified when you surrender it without reserve into the hands of The Mother of Jesus. It is a sure path to the Heart of Her Son, and Venerable Mother Potter admirably shows how Our Lady ‘filters’ our defective souls and makes us acceptable to God through her own sinless and pure nature.
It’s a sure and royal highway to Christ.

Saints For The End of Days

Saint Grignion de Montfort wrote in his epic book True Devotion to The Blessed Virgin, that devotion to the Queen of Heaven and Earth will reveal the grandeur of the later ages of the Church. Father Faber, a great Catholic orator and writer, supports this by adding that the last ages of the Church are “to reveal Mary in a light that would amaze and oppress us now.” And who would reveal this light and knowledge to the world? Those adorers and servants of Mary who enter the Path of Mary. Millions of Catholics love and adore The Mother of God, but only those who establish an intimate and exclusive relationship with Her, as they progress on Her Path, would come to know Her Glories as they are known in Heaven, and as they are revealed by The Holy Spirit to her true children on earth.

The Path of Mary, however, is not a cakewalk. Many, even though they may wish to enter upon it, will hesitate, and even feel repelled by the idea of surrendering their life into the hands of The Mother of Life. It is a journey through the narrow gate spoken of by Our Lord in Matt. 7:13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” Even Father Faber, who championed The Path of Mary, spoke of the initial repulsion he felt toward this particular devotion, but after having entered that Path he could not think of a higher work or
a broader vocation than the simple spreading of this devotion. He modeled his own interior life upon it.

Venerable Mother Mary Potter wrote in The Path of Mary, that one saint gives more glory to God than a whole nation of ordinary Christians. Saints are sorely needed today, because the world has practically been swallowed up by secularism on one side, and by spiritual weakness and apathy on the other. The only way to stop the continued slide into Godless oblivion is to help Our Lady create a spiritually-armed force of saints, spiritual warriors, and holy workers. The members of this heavenly-armed force, having surrendered their lives to Mary, cooperate with the Queen of the heavenly hosts, to battle the current malaise of evil, spiritual indifference, and material decadence. With great yet humble works of love, charity, and with unbending, unflinching intent, the saints on The Path of Mary work tirelessly to make God and the Glory of His Name felt, known, and worshipped throughout the world.

The Path of Mary is also for souls who want to become spiritual athletes: men and women, ordained or ordinary, who want to surrender their 85-pound spirits into the hands of the Mighty Mother of God, who will then work them out on Her Path into powerful heroes, doing magnificent work in God’s global vineyards. The Path of Mary is also a school for the making of saints, and the saints created by Our Lady on Her Path will, as mentioned above, become the greatest saints. Therefore those who enter this ‘Camino Real’ embark on a win-win enterprise: they love, serve, and glorify God in themselves and the lives they touch, and in the process, they are re-fashioned by Our Lady as true and living images of Her Own Son Jesus — on The Path of Mary.

This online edition of The Path of Mary, titled “The Spiritual Teaching of The Path of Mary, is not the original book written by Venerable Mary Potter 140 years ago, but a synthesis of the work, written by Elizabeth A. West LCM, a member of the Little Company of Mary. According to Elizabeth, her objective in writing this synthesis, is to make the spiritual teaching contained in The Path of Mary available and accessible to all people. Having read the original, I find this synthesis much easier to read because it focuses on the core ideas of the book, and makes the central teaching easily understood. It also updates the language making it easy to read and understand.
Read her Introduction to The Spiritual Teaching of The Path of Mary.

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